About me

Transformational change is hard and needs careful navigation, especially when it comes to technology and digital strategy. I have 15 years of experience of delivering change programmes in small and big organisations and 10 years of navigating the intricacies of the Professional Services world. I know your pain points, I know where the common blockers are and I can help you and your delivery teams to overcome them.
Communications Specialist
Organisational Navigator
Pragmatic decision making

What I do

Your digital project will benefit from my experience in the following areas:
Operational change

We'll help you with early decision making, make sure you have the right people from your business involved and help you develop a roadmap of initial projects and outcomes.

  • Leadership coaching
  • Project definition and governance
  • Project roadmaps
  • Strategy and policy development

People, Culture and Engagement

Your people are the key to transformational change. Bring them on-board early, engage them in your projects and turn them into powerful advocates, inside and outside of your business.

  • Employee advocacy and engagement
  • Social media and social selling training
  • Team development

Technology and Communications

Helping you to make the right technology choices for your business is actually simpler than it appears - connecting and communicating their benefit to your employees is the hard part, but we can help.

  • Intranet planning
  • Social intranet strategy and governance
  • Office 365 - use case development and launch strategies

Contact me

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271 High St Berkhamsted, HP4 1AA
E-mail: paul@paulthomasdigital.co.uk Phone: 07917 870075