I want to work with smart people on smart projects. I want to learn – a lot. I want to have fun at work, work hard and I want great opportunities along the way. I’m OK with change – I want the job that I do to be progressive, I want to evolve at work and crucially, I want work to evolve with me. I know that evolution takes time and needs people to change too, but I’m prepared to help them, to bring them along with me and I’ll wait for them, BUT….I won’t wait forever.

I used to work in Our Price Records and Virgin Megastores. They don’t exist now. They didn’t evolve, didn’t notice what was happening around them, didn’t notice the Internet, didn’t adapt, didn’t change their customer experience or their ways of working…and there’s not much left.

Transformational change is hard and needs careful navigation. I have 15 years of experience helping change happen in small and big organisations and 10 years of navigating the intricacies of the Professional Services world at the highest level. I know your pain points, I know where the common blockers are and I know I can help you to overcome them.

So whether you sell records or audits, change isn’t coming, it’s here. That is why I started Paul Thomas Digital and why I want to work with you. 

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