Social media plays an increasingly important role in our lives inside and outside of work. This means that organisations should have a defined approach to their use of social media as a business, whilst providing clear communication and guidance to their employees.

My Social Media Audit and Risk Review helps organisations ensure that they have measures, policy and governance, in place so that the business and its employees can take full advantage of the opportunity that social media presents, whilst mitigating the risk that goes hand in hand with the all-pervasive nature of social media communication.

How social media might be being used in your business

It is very likely that employees will use personal social media accounts in the workplace and increasingly likely that they will also use these accounts for business purposes both at work and at home. 

Social media is often used by internal teams to;

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Maintain and monitor competitive advantage
  • Communicate and engage with stakeholders, shareholders and employees
  • Give real time customer service and support
  • Recruit new employees.


I will work with the business to research and review current social media governance and practices as well as reviewing policy management and communication. In organisations with Internal Audit teams, we will often work with them to ensure we get the right access to the relevant teams across the business including, but not exclusive to, Marketing, Communications, IT, Legal and HR.

I have adopted the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) approach to auditing social media. The final, written report will, therefore, include sections on:

  • social media strategy maturity
  • governance – monitoring, oversight and controls (& GDPR)
  • operational – ownership and access, response times, training provided

I will also include:

  • a review of all internal social media policies and associated communication
  • an industry/competitor comparison (up to three companies).
  • Where no social media policy exists, we will work with your team to draft a policy for sign off.

I will also carry out a risk review and recommendations. Potential risks around brand and reputation, legal or regulatory matters, asset or privacy security will be covered and reported.

Full details are available by contacting me at

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